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Datamost was started by David Gordon in 1981.  David also founded Programma International which published well over 300 titles for a variety of platforms.   Programma International was bought by Hayden Publishing in 1981. 

David left the company  and established Datamost in Chatsworth, California and they initially focused their efforts in the game and education areas.  They also produced computing and educational reference materials.  However, they were most noted for publishing Marc Goodman's program The Bilestoad which became an international best seller.  Dan Illowsky was also one of their major headliners with his renditions of popular video game programs of the time.

The company discontinued publishing software in 1984 but the titles remain in circles of vintage computing fans around the globe.

David Gordon died in 1996 in North Hills, California.  His eldest son Sean, died 23 October 2005.  His second son, Mitchell is an actor and programmer and continues to work in the industry.

This site is dedicated to the preservations of the Datamost materials.   This includes all of the software packages and the books.