History of the company

DATAMOST was a software company created in 1980 by David Gordon.  The company, based in Chatsworth, California was responsible for over two dozen titles on four different computing platforms.   They were well known for producing innovative games that were not just action oriented but also intellectually motivating as well.

They also published some thirty plus books and how to guides for almost every computing platform their programs graced and even some that they had no connection with via their software.

The Main Players

David Gordon started DATAMOST, however, the primary factor behind the company were the programmers, including Dan Illowsky, Bob Bishop, Bob Flanagan, David Van Brink, and Chris Oberth.  The packages developed by these guys alone, went on to make more money for the company than almost all the rest combines.  The most prolific of the bunch was Bob Flanagan.  Well known for his work on Marble Madness and Gauntlet, Bob was a machine producing more than a half dozen titles for Datamost.

The End