Welcome to the DATAMOST updates directory.  You will find updated materials on the website listed here in the reverse order that that were added.  

Update #5


Datamost Inc. Update # 5                      The Ghosts of Years Past            April 2013


Well more of the data has been added and corrected.  We have an almost complete software list by chronological order.  We added two more titles to the list of games, although we may find it difficult to actually latch onto those tires.

For those of you looking for the software, many of the original Datamost Inc. titles are available for online play on sites around the web.

We are currently in the process of adding more books to our library in preparation for another big data dump coming soon.

Stay tuned for more as we return the Datamost Inc. titles to the forefront of the vintage computing world.

Update #4


Datamost Inc. Update # 4                      The History of the Company            February  2012


We have now added the History of the company section to the website and added all available information.  We are continuing to search for folks who were involved in the workings or Datamost Inc. back in the 1980's or the programmers who wrote for them.  If you have information about the company, we would love to hear from you in email.

You can email us by sending a message to datamostinc at gmail dot com.

Update #3


Datamost Inc. Update # 3                      Books, Books and More Books            September 2011


The Books section has now been added to the website.  As of yet not many titles are included, however more are coming.  We have added a near complete list of all of the materials produced by the company.   Many of these titles are currently being acquired on EBay and through our vintage collecting friends.   

If you are in possession of a title in the list that we do no have posted yet, feel free to let us know. We have attempted to be as thorough as possible and cover all of the major computing platforms which Datamost Inc. published books for in the 1980's.

Update #2


Datamost Inc. Update # 2                     Oh the fun Mars Cars Gave Us             October 2010


The Mars Cars scans have now been added to the website.   This package is from our own personal collection and has been scanned in the higher definition possible.  While the original we scanned from was in pretty decent condition, it is not quite perfect.  If you have a better copy that you can provide scans of, we would love to hear from you at datamostinc at gmail dot com.

Update #1


Datamost Inc. Update # 1                      We are now Live!            January 2010


We have now started adding the software packages to the website.  More information will be added as we receive the packages from various users around the world.  Having now been up for more than 6 months, you would have thought that we could have gotten more materials up on the site.  But it is coming.  We are still collecting the information and the software packages.  Due to their rarity sometimes, this is not an easy task.  

If you have materials to donate to the site, please feel free to contact us at datamostinc at gmail dot com.

Site goes live with initial data set

Welcome to the new website for the archiving of the DATAMOST software and books.  We have made every attempt to be inclusive and complete in our listings.  SHould you find anything that is not correct or that is incomplete, please feel free to let us know using the contact form.